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Latest Drug Toxicity News

Medindia largest health website in india.

New Drug Reduces Fibrosis and Prevents DMD  Voir?

Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) is a fatal form of a muscle wasting disorder that is caused by mutations in a gene on the X chromosome. Researchers have found a new drug that reduces fibrosis (scarring) and prevents loss of muscle function in an animal model of DMD. The researchers from Saint Louis University (SLU) in the US, in a paper published in the Nature journal Scientific Reports, said this could provide a promising approach in designing new medications for those suffering from DMD....

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Discovering New Tuberculosis Drugs from Old Antibiotics  Voir?

h2Highlights:/h2 ul class="group-list punch-points" liTuberculosis can be treated effectively with the improved drugs by researching old antibiotic patterns of D-Cycloserine./li liUnderstanding and evaluating old antibiotics can create an effective approach in the field of drug research and development./li liNewer drugs are needed to stop the rising issue of antibiotic resistance which is a current scenario addressed worldwide./li/ul Tuberculosis (TB) is considered ...

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Birth Control Pills May Increase Breast Cancer Risk  Voir?

There is a small but significantrisk of breast cancerassociated with regular use of hormonal birth control pills. The new study by a team from the University of Copenhagen followed up around 1.8 million Danish women under the age of 50 years, for an average of 11 years. Results showed that bfor every 10,000 women studied an additional 13 cases of breast cancers were reported with the use of these hormonal birth control pills/b. For every 100,000 women using these pills, there were ...

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Drug to Predict and Prevent Graft-versus-host Disease  Voir?

The drug Abatacept (Orencia) nearly eliminated life-threatening severe acute graft-versus-host disease (GvHD) in patients receiving hematopoietic stem cell transplants, results from a phase 2 clinical trial, presented by Seattle Children's Research Institute at the 59th American Society of Hematology (ASH) Annual Meeting, suggest. Abatacept, when added to the standard drug regimen used to prevent GvHD, reduced the occurrence of acute, grade III-IV GvHD from 32 to 3 percent in pediatric and adult ...

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Exhaled Breath: the New Model for Drug and Disease Testing  Voir?

Testing for drug use and disease in humans could soon be much simpler, thanks to new Swedish research. Whereas drug tests currently rely on blood or urine samples, researchers from the University of Gothenburg have identified a method for drug testing by analysing various compounds in exhaled breath. Reporting their results in the iJournal of Breath Research/i, they demonstrate how collecting and banalysing externally-produced compounds in the lining fluid of the airways allows for non-invasive testing and monitoring/b....

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Cancer Drug Offers Potential to Treat Huntington's Disease  Voir?

Huntington's disease is a devastating, inevitably fatal disease, with no medications that slow or stop disease progression. A drug already used to treat certain forms of cancer may also be an effective therapy for Huntington's disease. The study got published in the latest issue of Science Translational Medicine. The same study also increases our understanding of how this drug, and other medications like it, may offer hope for other neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's disease, amyotrophic ...

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Epigenetic Therapy With Other Drugs for Ovarian Cancer  Voir?

bCombination of drugs/b to reactivate dormant genes along with other drugs that activate the immune system may have a greater reduction of tumor burden and significantly longer survival than using any of the drugs alone, recent research at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center claims. The study already spurred a clinical trial in ovarian cancer patients. The investigators, led by graduate student Meredith Stone, Ph.D.; postdoctoral fellow Kate Chiappinelli, Ph.D.; and senior author Cynthia Zahnow, Ph....

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Opioid Drugs Without Side Effects  Voir?

Opioid drugs which are effective in pain relief can lead to addiction and also have some unpleasant, potentially deadly side effects. Now a group of researchers, led by Dr. Laura Bohn at The Scripps Research Institute, may have found a way to make opioids safer by separating the drugs' pain relieving effects from their most dangerous side effect, respiratory suppression, which, in very severe cases, causes patients to stop breathing and to die. All opioid drugs elicit their effects via a small ...

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Understanding of Old Antibiotics Could Lead to Future Drugs  Voir?

Thanks to new research into an old antibiotic by the University of Warwick and The Francis Crick Institute, tuberculosis, and other life-threatening microbial diseases, could be more effectively tackled with future drugs. Led by Professor David Roper at Warwick's School of Life Sciences and Dr Luiz Pedro Carvalho from The Francis Crick Institute, a paper published in Nature Communications reveals a deeper understanding of how the antibiotic D-cycloserine uniquely works at a molecular level....

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New Drug Combination Shows Promise in Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia  Voir?

h2Highlights: /h2 ul class="group-list punch-points" liThe anti-malarial drug dihydroartemisinin increases the sensitivity of lymphoblastic leukemia cells to the BH3-mimetic ABT-263/li liThe combination improves survival in mice with the cancer/li liThe combination could possibly improve outcomes in patients with Philadelphia-chromosome positive acute lymphoblastic leukemia/li/ul bScientists have found that a drug used for the treatment of malaria called dihydroartemisinin ...

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Blood Pressure Medication Hydrochlorothiazide Linked to Skin Cancer  Voir?

bHighlights/b ul class = "group-list punch-points" liLong term use of anti-hypertensive medication containing Hydrochlorothiazide can increase the risk of skin cancer upto seven times/li liHydrochlorothiazide is one of the most commonly used anti-hypertensive medicines both in the US and in Western Europe/li liHydrochlorothiazide drug is known to make skin more vulnerable to damage from sun's UV rays/li/ul The elusive connection between Hydrochlorothiazide, an anti-hypertensive ...

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New Drug Delivery System Can Fight Diseases at Genetic Level  Voir?

A novel drug delivery system developed uses a synthetic-biological hybrid nanocapsule to fight against various diseases at the genetic level by targeting specific cells, reveals a new study. The hybrid offers a way to correct diseased cells at the genetic level while at the same time leaving healthy cells alone to increase the effectiveness of treatments and reduce unwanted side effects. "There's no one-size-fits-all delivery system," says Jessica Rouge, assistant professor of chemistry at ...

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Parental Attention May Reduce Risk of Drug Abuse in Teens  Voir?

Parents who set rules for their children and demand to know where they are and what they do may be more successful in protecting children from alcoholism and substance abuse. A survey of more than 6,000 teenagers found the positive impact of the protective function of rule-keeping. Parents who require children to follow rules and keep a constant eye on their activities, endeavoring to know where they are, who they are with and what they are doing, run less risk of facing problems when their children ...

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Poor Communication About Drug Interactions Puts Older Americans at Risk  Voir?

Lack of communication about drug interactions can put older adults at risk of health problems. Interactions between drugs like prescribed drugs, over-the-counter medicines, supplements, food and alcohol, reveals a new study. Most older Americans take multiple medicines every day. But a new poll suggests they don't get - or seek enough help to make sure those medicines actually mix safely. The new results, from the National Poll on Healthy Aging, show that only about one in three older ...

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Natural Mimetics of Anti-cancer (and) Anti-aging Drugs Metformin and Rapamycin  Voir?

Researchers from the Biogerontology Research Foundation, Insilico Medicine, Life Extension and other institutions announce the publication of a landmark study in the journal Aging on the identification of natural mimetics of metformin and rapamycin. However, both compounds have known side effects and are regulated drugs for existing disease indications, factors that problematize their off-label use as healthspan extending drugs. In this study, the researchers applied deep-learned neural networks ...

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Massively Scaled-up Version of the Connectivity Map to Boost Drug Discovery  Voir?

Researchers at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard have taken the Connectivity Map -- a widely used resource of tools and data -- to new heights with a massively scaled-up version. For this new platform, the researchers have also improved its accessibility for the scientific community, enabling studies of small molecule and gene function and informing clinical trials. The original version of CMap included only few hundred gene expression profiles in a few cell lines, produced using costly DNA microarrays....

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Golden Nanopill for Drug Delivery That Could Transform Medicine  Voir?

Plasmonic nanovesicles have made possible, the idea of a microscopic gold pill, that could travel to a specific location in your body and deliver a drug just where it is needed. These minute capsules can navigate the bloodstream, and, when hit with a quick pulse of laser light, change shape to release their contents. It can then exit the body, leaving only the desired package. Clinicians are beginning to test plasmonic nanovesicles on head and neck tumors. They can also help efforts to study ...

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Novel Drug That Prevents HIV From Developing Into Infectious Particle Discovered  Voir?

bHighlights :/b ul class="group-list punch-points"liCurrent HIV treatment targets viral enzymes but this has been plagued by drug resistance /liliNew capsid inhibitors that target viral protein shell (capsid) could be potential therapeutic option, while overcoming the issue of drug resistance as well/liliHIV/AIDS has so far claimed nearly 35 million lives worldwide./li/ul Novel b"braking agent"/b that bdisrupts the development of the viral ...

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Recommendations to Ensure Affordability of Medicines  Voir?

A consumer access to effective and affordable medicines is an important factor for public health, social equity, and economic development. But this need is not being served adequately by the biopharmaceutical sector, says a new report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. The report offers eight recommendations with 27 actions for their implementation to improve the affordability of prescription drugs without discouraging the development of new and more effective drugs for the future....

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HIV Drug Resistance is on the Rise  Voir?

HIV people tend to develop drug resistance after being treated with antiretroviral drugs. However, if the medication is stopped and taken later, they were less likely to respond to therapy, reveals a new study. HIV drug resistance is approaching and exceeding 10% in people living with HIV who are about to initiate or reinitiate first-line antiretroviral therapy, according to the largest meta-analysis to date on HIV drug resistance, led by researchers at UCL and the World Health Organization ...

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Cancer Drug May Be Able to Eradicate HIV-Infected Cells  Voir?

bHighlights:/b ul class = "group-list punch-points" liDrug used to treat lung cancer reduces HIV infection./li liThis drug is known as nivolumab./li liNivolumab may be able to purge the HIV reservoirs that persist despite antiretroviral therapy./li/ul Doctors in France have found the first evidence that a cancer drug may be able to eradicate HIV-infected cells in humans. bLung cancer treatment acts on HIV-infected cells/b While treating an HIV-infected lung cancer ...

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Vigilant Prescription of Opioid Pills for Pain Management: Study  Voir?

Rising rates of opioid prescriptions have been linked to the opioid epidemic, and a significant number of opioid deaths have been linked to prescriptions written by surgeons. However, new study suggests that a more vigilant prescribing guideline for surgeons could reduce by as much as 40 percent the number of opioid pills prescribed after operations, and still meet patients' pain management needs. Study findings were published in the iJournal of the American College of Surgeons/i. Lead study author Richard J....

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One in 10 Medicines Fake: WHO  Voir?

We may need to take medicines every day, or only once in a while. Either way, we need to make sure that the medicines are safe and will help us get better. An estimated one in 10 medical products circulating in low- and middle-income countries like India is either "substandard or falsified", says a new research report from the World Health Organisation (WHO). According to WHO, these medicines not only fail to treat or prevent diseases but can also cause serious illness or even death. "Substandard ...

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New Drug Target For Blood Cancer  Voir?

An unexpected new drug target for acute myeloid leukemia (AML) could open new avenues to develop effective treatments. Researchers from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, the Gurdon Institute, and their collaborators show that binhibiting the METTL3 gene destroys human and mouse AML cells without harming non-leukemic blood cells./b Reported in the journal iNature /i, the study goes on to reveal why METTL3 is required for AML cell survival, by deciphering the new mechanism it uses to regulate several other leukemia genes....

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New Drug Delivery Method Reduces Side Effects of Chemotherapy  Voir?

A new method for delivering chemotherapy nanodrugs increases the drugs' bioavailability and reduces side-effects. Administering an FDA-approved nutrition source prior to chemotherapy can reduce the amount of the toxic drugs that settle in the spleen, liver and kidneys. Nanodrugs, drugs attached to tiny biocompatible particles, show great promise in treatment of a number of diseases, including cancer. Delivery of these drugs, however, is not very efficient -- only about 0.7 percent of chemotherapy nanodrugs reach their target tumor cells....

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Unreliable Performance-Enhancing Drugs are Being Sold on the Net  Voir?

Purchasing increasingly popular Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs) on the internet may not be reliable as only fifty two percentage of tested SARM's drugs turned out to have the active compound mentioned in the label.The findings of this study are published in iJAMA/i journal. However, SARMs are still under investigation, and have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, and products sold through the internet and advertised to contain SARMs may not contain these ingredients....

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New Drugs With RNA Interference Therapy For Hepatitis B  Voir?

A new treatment now in human trials for chronic hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection is tested at the Southwest National Primate Research Center (SNPRC). Testing at SNPRC provided proof this novel therapeutic approach and drug delivery mechanism would be safe and effective, as recently published in the international journal IScience Translational Medicine/I. The World Health Organization characterizes hepatitis B as a major global health problem. An estimated 250 to 400 million people are chronically infected with the virus....

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Here's All About Apixaban Drug  Voir?

Apixaban, an anticoagulant drug is used in treating venous thromboembolic events. A summary of it's metabolism, pharmacologic properties and it's drug interactions have been presented in this new study. New oral anticoagulants (NOACs) represent direct-acting drugs functioning selectively for one specific clotting factor. Their clinical indications are the prophylaxis and treatment of deep venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolism, the prevention of atherothrombotic episodes of individuals ...

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New Drug to Treat Cancer Types Launched by Biocon  Voir?

Biotech major Biocon Ltd released a new drug for treatment of cancer affecting the lung, kidney, cervical, ovaries and brain. The firm is still conducting global clinical trials in non-small-cell lung cancer (NSLC) patients at over 100 sites across multiple countries. "The biosimilar Bevacizumab Krabeva is a monoclonal antibody drug for first line of treatment of patients with metastatic colorectal cancer and other types of the disease," said the city-based company in a statement. As a ...

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Three Biomarkers To Detect Effectiveness of Schizophrenia Drugs  Voir?

Biomarkers that can aid in the development of better treatments for schizophrenia have been identified. In the past two decades, the pharmaceutical industry has spent over (Dollor) 2.5 billion to develop new schizophrenia drugs. But while many appear to be effective in animal models, most fail when tested in late-stage human clinical trials. "While a great deal of money has been invested in developing schizophrenia drugs, a similar investment hasn't been made to develop biomarkers that could improve ...

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Sclerosis Drugs can Keep Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria at Bay  Voir?

bHighlights/b ul class=group-list punch-points (and) #161; liGlatiramer acetate, which is normally used for treating multiple sclerosis can now be used to fight against multiresistant bacteria /li liThe drug has shown to kill half of Pseudomonas bacteria found in cystic fibrosis patient's lungs/li liThe drug is relatively old and safe and less time consuming, when compared to the new drugs which are being developed/li/ul IPseudomonas aeruginosa/I and IEnterobacteriaceae/I ...

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Novel Method May Help Doctors Choose Cancer Drugs  Voir?

Multiple myeloma is a cancer that forms in a type of white blood cell called a plasma cell. Plasma cells help you fight infections by making antibodies that recognize and attack germs. Doctors have many drugs available to treat multiple myeloma. However, there is no way to predict, by genetic markers or other means, how a patient will respond to a particular drug. This can lead to months of treatment with a drug that isn't working. Researchers at MIT have now shown that they can use a new ...

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Gold Nanoparticles May Help Drugs Work Faster  Voir?

Gold nanoparticles could help make drugs act more quickly and effectively by changing cells and enabling drug delivery to tissues, according to recent research at Binghamton University, State University of New York. Nanoparticles are microscopic particles that are bigger than atoms but smaller than what the eye can see. They are unique for their large surface area-to-volume ratio and their fairly ubiquitous nature. A new study, co-conducted by Binghamton University Assistant Professor of Biomedical ...

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Palovarotene Drug Shows Promise in Treating Rare Hereditary Disease  Voir?

bHighlights/b ul class = "group-list punch-points" liPalovarotene can now suppress the formation of bony tumors in Multiple Hereditary Exostoses (MHE) patients/li liMultiple osteochondromas is a hereditary genetic disorder in which many benign bone tumors grow at active areas of bone growth/li liMultiple hereditary exostoses is a rare genetic condition that affects about 1 in 50,000 people worldwide/li/ul Palovarotene drug can now suppress or decrease bony tumor ...

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Diabetes Drug Acetohexamide Repairs UV Damaged DNA in Moon Children  Voir?

bHighlights/b ul class = "group-list punch-points" li The FDA-approved diabetes drug acetohexamide significantly improves the response of cells that predisposes can increase the risk of skin cancer. /li li Patients with the rare genetic disease Xeroderma pigmentosum increase their chances of skin cancer when exposed tot he sun. /li li Xeroderma pigmentosum to date lacks any curative treatment though it was identified in 1874. /li/ul The rare genetic disease Xeroderma pigmentosum ...

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Psychoactive Drugs For Alzheimer's Can Increase Risk of Death  Voir?

Benzodiazepine and related drug use increase the risk of death, according to a new study from the University of Eastern Finland. The study found that the risk of death was increased right from the initiation of benzodiazepine and related drug use. The increased risk of death may result from the adverse events of these drugs, including fall-related injuries, such as hip fractures, as well as pneumonia and stroke. The study was based on the register-based MEDALZ (Medication Use and Alzheimer's ...

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Digital Pills Can Monitor Opioid Use After Injury  Voir?

Gelatin capsules that have an ingestible sensor along with medication - can help track patterns of drug use. Brigham and Women's Hospital clinicians are among the first to explore the application of this new technology among patients being prescribed opioids. In a paper published in IAnesthesia (and) Analgesia/I, BWH investigators report on the results from a pilot study of 15 individuals who received a prescription to take oxycodone digital pills as needed following treatment for acute fractures....

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Cancer Drugs Can also Treat High Blood Pressure  Voir?

Drugs used to halt the growth of cancer cells can also control hypertension or high blood pressure levels, reveals a new study. The finding could offer a real advance in hypertension treatment because although a number of high blood pressure drugs are now available, they work by different mechanisms that are not suited for all patients, say Georgetown University Medical Center investigators. The study, published in the journal iHypertension,/i found that fibroblast growth factors, or ...

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Social Media Can Help Rule Out Prescription Drug Abuse  Voir?

With proper research methods and attention to privacy and ethical issues, social media big data can reveal important information concerning drug abuse, such as user-reported side effects, drug cravings, emotional states, and risky behaviors. Prescription drug addiction is a well-known nationwide problem. Many people who are unable to get help for their addiction seek out peer support groups on Facebook or other social media platforms to share stories about their experiences and also provide social peer-based support....

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Computer Program Uncovers a Novel Drug Approach to Treat Ovarian Cancer  Voir?

A computer program called DrugPredict that matches existing data about FDA-approved drugs to diseases, and predicts potential drug efficacy was developed by a research team at the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. In a recent study published in iOncogene/i, the researchers successfully translated DrugPredict results into the laboratory, and showed common pain medications like aspirin can kill patient-derived epithelial ovarian cancer cells....

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Certain Drugs can Reduce the Impact of Child Abuse in a Child's Brain  Voir?

Most of us have been mistreated at some point in life at some level. But mistreatment at an early age can have long-lasting and life-altering repercussions that could be passed to future generations, says study. Work underway in the laboratory of University of Delaware neuroscientist Tania Roth suggests new ways to help mitigate that damage. The research was highlighted as a "hot topic" by the Society for Neuroscience in its literature for the world's largest gathering of those in the field ...

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New In-vitro Model to Help Develop Drugs for Cystic Fibrosis  Voir?

A new laboratory model of the infection- and inflammation-plagued airways of cystic fibrosis (CF) patients has been developed by a research team at UNC School of Medicine. The model, described in the iAmerican Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine/i, includes primary bronchial epithelial cells from CF patients as well as infectious/inflammatory factors normally found in the CF airways. The new model is now an effective tool for pharmaceutical companies to test existing and potential CF therapies....

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A Few Tricks in Drug Targets can Prevent Antibiotic Resistance  Voir?

Chemical receptors in cells could deceive Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria and improve patient response to drugs found a new study published in IProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences/I journal. The bacterium Pseudomonas aeruginosa is the leading cause of hospital-acquired infections. The pathogen is resistant to many antibiotics so treating those infections, particularly in patients with compromised immune systems, is difficult. Igor Jouline, the study's lead author, is a joint faculty ...

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Digital Schizophrenia Pill With Sensor can Now Track Patients Taking the Medication  Voir?

h2Highlights:/h2 ul class="group-list punch-points"liThe approval of a digital pill by the USFDA can help patients, their doctors and family members track the date and time of pill ingestion./liliAbilify MyCite is the product name for aripiprazole tablets embedded with a sensor for use in patients who have schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and depression./liliSchizophrenia is a brain disorder with symptoms including false beliefs, hallucinations, and unclear or confused thinking....

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Insulin, Sale of Medicines for Diabetes Triples in India  Voir?

Along with the steadily increasing number of diabetics, sale of anti-diabetic medicines, including insulin, has zoomed in India, says a study. The findings led by Anoop Misra, Chairman at Fortis C-DOC Hospital, showed that bfrom Rs 151.2 crore in 2008, the sale of insulin (especially newer insulin) rose to Rs 842 crore in 2016/b. Sales of oral drug (especially newer ones) also went up from Rs 278.5 crores in 2013 to Rs 700 crore in 2016. The spike could be attributed to the rising ...

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New Mechanism can now be Adopted in Antitumor Drugs  Voir?

An alternative mechanism for effective antitumor drug -- an enzyme called L-asparaginase has been found and Some isoenzymes of this enzyme can block the growth of telomeres on DNA molecules, and this limits the number of divisions of a cancer cell found a new study published in IBiochemical and Biophysical Research Communications/I journal. "L-asparaginase enzyme has been used for the treatment of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (cancer of the hematopoietic system) in children for more than 35 years....

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Statin Medication Lowers Risk of Future Heart Attack And Stroke  Voir?

Statins are the cholesterol-lowering medications when given to patients with a prior history of heart attack or stroke after discharge from the hospital improves outcomes, reveals a new study. Prior surveys in hospitals found that statins, a common medication prescribed to lower cholesterol, aren't being used as consistently in patients who've been admitted to the hospital following a heart attack or stroke. Researchers also found that when the medication is prescribed, dosing is likely ...

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Antiviral Drug Selectively Targets the Most Aggressive Virus  Voir?

A new research looked at the infection of individual cells by a virus and the consequence of antiviral intervention and found that an antiviral drug that inhibits a virus' replication machinery selectively targets the most aggressive viruses. This new insight into the dynamics of an infection and the mechanism of an antiviral drug could not be seen by the typical approach of studying populations of cells. Researchers at Penn State, Duke University, and the University of Texas at Austin have ...

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Chronic Stress Hormones Promote Resistance to Drugs  Voir?

Higher levels of chronic stress hormones can promote resistance to drugs, which are used to treat lung cancer patients with EGFR mutations, reveals a new study. The new research was from The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. Retrospective analysis of clinical patient data suggests that beta blocker drugs may slow or prevent the development of resistance to EGFR inhibitors. The research, published in iScience Translational Medicine,/i used non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) ...

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Amazonian Drug Associated With a Sense of Well-Being  Voir?

bHighlights:/b ul class = "group-list punch-points" liAyahuasca may be linked to well-being./li liIt is also related to lesser problematic alcohol use./li liAyahuasca is a traditional Amazonian drug./li/ul An Amazonian drug called Ayahuasca has been reported to improve people's general sense of wellbeing. bAssociation of ayahuasca with well-being/b Ayahuasca users reported greater well-being than classic psychedelic users. Problematic alcohol drinking was also less among ayahuasca users....

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